Nationwide Certified Electronics Recycler

Beintek offers comprehensive, nationwide services for the proper disposal and management of your IT assets. As a certified electronics recycler, we are here to help when you are refreshing your company’s computers, disposing of obsolete inventory, or just clearing old electronics out of storage.


We are proud of our host of certifications, including R2 (Responsible Recycling), which governs the way that we handle your sensitive data and potentially hazardous materials while protecting our employees’ health and safety. These standards have helped us to build a unique, award-winning social enterprise focused on customer service, value recovery, and social impact. In fact, every time you choose Beintek as your certified electronics recycler, you help us create quality jobs for people who face systemic barriers to work.


We can pick up from your headquarters, send you a mailback kit, or you can drop off items at one of our facilities. You will always receive a Certificate of Recycling for all equipment that we process, quality service regardless of your size or location, and our commitment to do the most good possible with your electronics.


To leverage our suite of services, request service today.

Why R2 Certification Matters

  • Secure destruction of data storage devices
  • Extensive safety precautions for workers
  • Tracking of hazardous components to final recovery
  • Third-party audited

Certified, compliant, consistent with Beintek