About Beintek

We provide a full spectrum of reverse logistics and refurbishment services of consumer electronics from repairing and refurbishing of such products all the way to down-streaming and disposal of scrap parts under the strict compliance of international standards. We are specialized in providing cost-effective, high quality and full refurbishing services with strong technical repair capabilities.

As a R2 certified electronic recycler, we are committed to the highest level of standards for electronics reuse, e-waste recycling, and environmentally safe dispositions under the strict compliance required by the international standards.

Our Key Strengths:

1. High Quality Repair and Refurbishment Services:

  • Provides aftermarket warranty and non warranty repair, replacement, and refurbishment services.
  • Customized turnaround time to meet customer retention requirements.
  • Full refresh and cosmetic refurbishment services.
  • High quality and consistent repairs.

2. Professional Team of Technicians

  • Our facilities are staffed with highly trained and skilled technicians with many years of experience.

3. Extensive Inspection and Quality Control

  • All of our products go through an extensive and rigorous quality control process once products are restored.

4. Reverse Logistics Support

  • Offers a reliable and highly efficient reverse logistics through our logistics department.


Reverse Logistics

Returns are an inevitable part of the retail and e-commerce process. Beintek is a leading Reverse Logistics provider that can handle your products, once they have been returned—from buyer’s remorse to defective units.

The process of carrying out a reverse logistics is often a tedious job. Sometimes warehouses flooded with an ample number of products that are waiting to get sorted. There are some products that need to go to the inventory, some need to be disposed of off, while some needs to be shipped. The lot even contains products that have been returned by customers, who are waiting for their refund.

Without an efficient system, it is impossible to handle reverse logistics correctly. With all robust orders coming in, it often causes errors and confusions, and it affects the reputation of logistics.

Use these top strategies to efficiently handle reverse logistics.

Electronics Recycling

Technology has become one of the most important areas of any business. So, when it comes time to retire your old electronics, you will want an easy and safe way to dispose of your technology. Some equipment may not have resale value or simply can’t function well enough to be donated.

Beintek provides disposal services that fully adhere to EPA, Responsible Recycling (R2), and government regulatory guidelines concerning electronic waste.