[Genuine] USED Vizio XRT260 Smart TV With Voice Control Remote Control

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Vizio XRT260 Smart TV With Voice Control Remote Control

- Condition: USED-Like new
- Requires 2x AAA Batteries

- Pairing required
  •  During first-time setup, your remote should automatically pair to your TV.
     To manually pair: Press the MIC button to launch pairing mode.
     TIP: The voice remote must be within close enough range of the TV to pair properly.

- Compatible with 
  • V655-J04 V655-J09 V705-J03 V755-J04 V435-J01 V505-J01 V505-J09 V555-J01 V585-J01 V706-J03 V756-J03 V756x-J03 V505C-J09 V705-J01 V705x-J03 V655J04 V655J09 V705J03 V755J04 V435J01 V505J01 V505J09 V555J01 V585J01 V706J03 V756J03 V756xJ03 V505CJ09 V705J01 V705xJ03
    M55Q7-J01 M58Q7-J01 M65Q7-J01 M70Q7-J03 M75Q7-J03 M43Q6-J04 M50Q6-J01 M55Q6-J01 M65Q6-J09 M70Q6-J03 M75Q6-J03 M50Q7-J01 P65Q9-J01 P75Q9-J01 M55Q7J01 M58Q7J01 M65Q7J01 M70Q7J03 M75Q7J03 M43Q6J04 M50Q6J01 M55Q6J01 M65Q6J09 M70Q6J03 M75Q6J03 M50Q7J01 P65Q9J01 P75Q9J01

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